Node.js for Beginners: Where to Start?

Node.js is one of the most sought-after back-end scripting languages on the current technology market, downloaded over 25 million times in 2017 and used and trusted by names such as Netflix, eBay, Paypal and LinkedIn. It’s a JavaScript runtime environment for executing server-side code, optimized for scalability and throughput when used with browser applications with many input/output operations. This high level of efficiency means it’s also great for real-time applications, such as communication programs and browser games.

There are many guides on how to get started with Node.js; here’s a few of the best, to help you on your journey from Node.js beginner to knowledgeable coding maestro.

Start at the beginning – the Node.js homepage.

The Node.js homepage has all the latest version for use with various operating systems. It also has a comprehensive section of guides on everything from getting started to debugging and module related guides. The starting point for anyone interested in working with Node.js, and for news and information about issues and updates.


The go-to consultancy source for organizations using Node.js in the course of their business. For developers, their blog is a great source of regular Node news, updates, articles and resources for all Node.js users.

Rising Stack.

RisingStack provides training and tutorials, as well as providing professional commercial 24/7 Node.js support. They have this handy beginners’ tutorial on their site to help you get started, and a series of articles on how to use Node.js with larger installations – useful to refer back to once you’re up and running, and scalability becomes an issue.


Nodeschool is a global organization of open source workshops with workshops run all around the world, as well as a comprehensive set of courses you can take online. Their courses are available in many languages, and they have nearly 200 chapters around the world.

Java T Point.

Java T Point is a site with information on many different languages and systems. Their Node.js tutorial is a great step-by-step guide to using Node.js, easy to navigate and with a wealth of information on all aspects of working with Node.js. There’s a great section comparing Node.js to other languages and runtime environments on the market, including information on how to translate from to the other.