The 83 Best Lightroom Presets (Free & Paid)

It saves a lot of your time by speeding up your post-photography work to get the perfect look that every photographers love.

Lightroom presets are the perfect solution to refine your photographs without using any software, as it works by touching upon the finest details of your pictures to make them flawless in every way.

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So if you are yet to try out the best Lightroom presets to edit your photographs, you should start using them.

Here is a list of some of the best Adobe lightroom presets that will take your photographs to a different level.

Do try them out and feel the difference in your pictures.

Classic Adobe Lightroom Presets Bundle

best classic lightroom presets bundleThis bundle includes over +360 filters to help improve your editing workflow in a click of a button. Featuring a preset for every situation, there is no doubt that this awesome pack will help you achieve the best results, whatever which particular type of photography you are editing images for.

Expert Adobe Lightroom Bundle

Expert Bundle of best Lightroom presetsThis bundle includes over +360 filters to help improve your editing workflow in a click of a button. Featuring a preset for every situation, there is no doubt that this awesome pack will help you achieve the best results, whatever which particular type of photography you are editing images for.

Cinematic Vol. 2 Adobe Lightroom Presets

Cinematic Vol. 2 Lightroom Presets
True to its name, the cinematic volume 2 of professional top Lightroom presets equips your photos with a drama like feel. These presets add an extra tinge of an authentic feel to your images. Offering various combinations of color tones and lighting, the cinematic presets offers 30 different choices for providing your photos the best cinematic appeal.

HDR Adobe Lightroom Presets


The HDR set of the most excellent Lightroom presets volume 2 comes with 35 different unique styles that will help you in giving your images with different tones and styles of HDR photography. This set is specifically ideal for creating dynamic images for the event and promotional shoots and will help you stand out among the rest.

Real Estate Adobe Lightroom Presets

Real Estate

Want to convert a normal looking house into a classy and modern real estate gem? The Real Estate Lightroom Presets are an ideal pick for you. This unique set of 45 professional Lightroom presets provides the touch of finish and class into any image.

It is specifically useful for realtors and people who wish to post their properties on platforms like AirBnB. Whether you want to lower down the warmth of an image or add the touch of luxuriousness to your photos, the Real Estate Lightroom Preset is the perfect choice for giving a stylish, matte look to your interior decor photos.

Cool Blue Adobe Lightroom Presets

Cool Blue

Quite true to its name, this set of professional Lightroom presets equips your photos with a calming blue tone that enhances the beauty of your photos; specifically landscapes. The Cool Blue Lightroom presets offers 45 different presets choices for you to add a calming layer of different shades of blue to your pics.

Pretty Adobe Lightroom Presets


Ever wondered how those celebrity wedding photographs look so beautiful and colorful? Now you can also add the touch of liveliness to your photos with the Pretty Lightroom presets.

This set of 20 great Lightroom Presets makes use of a wide range of pastel and matte textures to equip your photosgraphs with a beautiful makeover. Whether it is wedding or outdoor photos including flowers and nature, the Pretty Lightroom Presets justifies its name in every sense.

Matte Adobe Lightroom Presets


Matte designs are definitely the in these days. The Matte Lightroom Presets makes use of washed out tones to provide a print like feel to your photos. This pack comes with 33 different amazing Lightroom presets that you can use to provide a one-click matte look to your pics.

Portrait Adobe Lightroom Presets

101 Portrait Presets

Owing to its close-up look, portrait photography involved a lot of post-processing work to bring out the best of your photographs.

Those presets assists you in doing all the post-processing work with just a single click of the mouse. Whether you want a classy vintage look or a vivid modern look, the set includes 101 of the top Lightroom presets to beautify your photos with a single click.

Newborns Adobe Lightroom Presets

NewbornsThis collection of Lightroom presets includes 42 different presets to help you in adding some attractive tones and styles to your baby photography in any light setting. You can add the flair of perfection to your pics with just a single click of the mouse.

Dreamy Adobe Lightroom Presets


Those stunning Lightroom presets truly justifies its name and provides a soft, dreamlike look to your photos. You can further enhance the beauty of your photos by editing the presets as per your requirements.

Analog Film Adobe Lightroom Presets

Analog Film

The Analog film collection is a set of 60 different Lightroom presets ideal for those who want to go back to the golden era of analog photography. They are ideal for all styles of photography and provide a rich vintage look to your photos.

Magazine Adobe Lightroom Presets Vol. 2


The part 2 of magazine Lightroom presets comes with 36 different styles to help you create the perfect fashion photos.

Whether you want to add a glossy look to your photos or you want a stylish and glamorous finish to your pictures, the magazine set equips your photos with a clean and polished look.

Instant Film Adobe Lightroom Presets

Instant Film

Quite evident from its name, the instant film presets are perfect for those who love the old instant film camera photography. The set comes with 40 different styles that will help you in adding some vintage instant photography effects like film grain, retro etc.

Skin Tone Best Adobe Lightroom Presets

Skin Tone

One of the most important aspects of portrait photography is the skin tone of the subject. The skin tone Lightroom presets comes with 20 different styles to help you add a suitable skin tone effect to your photography.

Whether you want to alter any skin tone or pop up the existing skin tone in an image, this pack will give you everything you need to make your photos look professional.

Aged Film Adobe Lightroom Presets

Aged Film

This collection of best presets for lightroom presets was created to help you in adding an aged and expired film look to your photos. The set comes with some really interesting styles to help you add a grainy, rugged look to your images and make your modern photography look like an analog film. Definitely a great pick!

Pastel Adobe Lightroom Presets

PastelHere’s another stunning professional preset to enhance your photos and make them appear even more appealing to people. You can use these presets to enhance your child photographs, portraits or any other photo for that matter.

Sports Adobe Lightroom Presets


Ever wondered how those professional sports photographers shots look so fascinating? Whether it is a sporting event or a usual action photography, this unique set of 20 professional Lightroom presets brings out the best version of your shots.

Monochrome Lightroom Presets


This set was created for those who want to enhance their photography with a touch of class . The pack comes with 20 different professional Lightroom presets that will help you in popping out a single hue in your images and transform any modern image into a timeless look.

Sunlight Lightroom Presets


Shooting in natural sunlight is always a good idea. The sunlight Lightroom presets will help you in enhancing your natural sunlight photography shots with its unique range of 30 different styles. Whether you want landscape or fashion shots, whether it is sunrise or sunset, these presets will help you getting the perfect sunlight photography shot.

Animal Lightroom Presets


This set of 20 different presets is specifically suitable for wildlife photographers. Whether you want to pop out the colors or you want to experiment with the sharpness of your images, the Animal Lightroom presets will make your next trip to the Zoo or even a safari totally worth it.

Family Lightroom Presets


Family photography is specifically based around getting different kind of portraits in different lighting conditions. The family pack comes with over 30 different presets that will help you in adding a professional studio feel to your family photographs.

Blogger Lightroom Presets


Images play a really important part in the life of any blogger. The blogger set of free Lightroom presets comes with 30 different styles to help you create attractive visuals for your blog posts as well as backgrounds.

This set is specifically ideal for Product Photographers and includes some stylish presets to help you make your blog visually more appealing.

Spring Lightroom Presets


This pack includes some carefully created styles that will help you in beautifying your photography during the spring season.

Spring is that moment when nature is at its most beautiful version and with the 33 different free Lightroom presets that come with this set, you can make the most out of the beautiful landscapes, flowers, and natural scenery.

Light Leaks Volume 2 Lightroom Presets

Light Leaks Vol 2

This unique Lightroom presets pack comes with 30 different styles to help you give abstract color and light leak effects to your photography. With the use of some modern and stylish effects, the Light leaks volume 2 pack is ideal for beautifying photographs with a good source of light.

Vivid Color Free Lightroom Presets

Vivid Color

True to its name, those professional Lightroom presets will help you in popping up the vibrant and colorful aspects of your images. The bundle comes with 22 different presets to help you stylize your images, be it portraits, landscapes or cityscapes.

Magazine Lightroom Presets

Magazine 2

This amazing bundle of Lightroom presets is designed specifically to meet the needs of portrait photographers so that they can achieve the perfect unique style for their photos. In this pack you get 20 free Lightroom presets, out of which 18 are colored and 2 in the black and white format.

Moody Tones Lightroom Presets

Moody Tones

This set of 20 different Lightroom presets equips your photos with a moody, mysterious tone resulting in a glamorous look. This set of presets works well with portrait as well as landscape photography and imparts your images with a dark and atmospheric feel.

They are ideal for events, wedding photoshoots or any other photography that requires a classy, dark tone.

Vintage Vol 2. Lightroom Presets

Vintage vol 2

If you want to give your photographs that beautiful vintage look, here is one of the greatest Lightroom presets. All the presets included in this set is fully adjustable and works on camera raw and jpeg pictures. This set comes with 20 different presets for color and monochrome.

Matte Lightroom Presets Vol. 2

Matte vol 2

If you love having a faded matte finish on your photographs, this is the preset you should definitely be considering. Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC these presets can be used on both MAC and PCs.

Travel Lightroom Presets


Those professional Lightroom presets comes with everything that you need for enhancing the look of your travel photography. Whether it is vivid colors or peaceful tones, these 20 free Lightroom presets come with some vibrant and attractive styles.

Food Lightroom Presets Vol. 2

Food vol 2

Get some of the most captivating filters for your food photographs by using these set of presets. All the presets in this set are fully adjustable and works beautifully in camera raw and JPEG photographs. You can use them with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC.

Golden Hour Lightroom Presets

Golden Hour

No matter which type of photography you are planning to do, doing it during the golden hour adds to its effectiveness. The golden hour is the moment when the Sun is either rising or setting and it is the perfect time for taking a perfect outdoor an landscape shot.

This pack comes with 20 different Lightroom presets and is ideal for enhancing the color and warmth tones in your shots.

Street Lightroom Presets


This bundle of Lightroom presets specifically designed to enhance street photography shots including cityscapes and urban environment portraits.

With its unique set of 20 different styles, this set of Lightroom presets provides a realistic look to your images and gives you full freedom to enhance your shots with attractive effects like monochrome, grainy, matte etc.

Autumn Lightroom Presets


This set of 20 different Lightroom presets helps you in imparting a unique look of your outdoor and landscape photography taken during autumn. The beautifully created presets give some peaceful warming tones to your image or photograph.

Wedding Lightroom Presets Bundle

Wedding bundle

If you are a wedding photographer, then this set of presets is definitely something that you will love. With them, you can create a unique look for each of your wedding clicks making them appear elegant and of superlative in nature. These presets look stunning on pictures of every kind clicked with different camera brands.

Fashion Lightroom Presets


This is a bundle of 20 different Lightroom presets is perfect for fashion photographers to help you enhance the look of your modelling photoshoots.

Along with streamlining your post-processing work, the unique styles that come with this set will provide a glamorous, stylish look to your portrait model photography.

Vintage Objects Lightroom Presets

Vintage objects

Vintage items have a rich look about them and vintage photography should reflect that too. This pack of 20 professional Lightroom presets adds a crafty, retro look to your images and is specifically ideal for enhancing product photoshoots.

Winter Snow Lightroom Presets

winter snow

The winter snow package comes with 20 different Lightroom presets to give a cold feeling to your photoshoots taken during winter, snowfall or Christmas.

This set is ideal for winter portraits as well as landscapes and comes with some really interesting effects like snow overlay to help you make the most of your winter photography.

Interior Design Lightroom Presets

interior design

Whether you want to beautify an old room or you want to lighten up a dark room, the interior design Lightroom presets come with 20 different styles to beautifully present interior designs of restaurants, homes, and real estate projects amongst others.

This set of Lightroom presets is specifically ideal for interior designers, architects and commercial photographers. Whether you want to alter the warmth or you want to add a flair of finish to your shots, the interior design Lightroom presets are an ideal choice.

Urban Lightroom Presets


The urban landscape pack comes with 20 different Lightroom presets to help you in beautifully capturing the urban landscape including skyline, streets and high rise buildings.

The presets come with some attractive styles and tones that impart a creative and gigantic look to your cityscapes and urban landscapes.

VSCO Film Emulation Lightroom Presets

VSCO film emulation

This set of 20 Lightroom presets is inspired from the era of VSCO cameras. With some attractive effects like grain and black and white color combinations, this bundle imparts a cinematic and old film atmospheric look to your images.

Pastel Volume 2 Lightroom Presets

pastel vol 2

This pack of Lightroom presets is quite similar to the newborn Lightroom collection in terms of the soft and pastel look that it imparts to the images.

With 20 different Lightroom presets offering a wide range of tonal combinations, this set of Lightroom present is ideal for wedding photographers, flower photography shooting and any other shot that requires a soft and eye-soothing look.

City Nights Lightroom Presets

city nights

Motion photography or any other night shot, make it perfect with this unique set of 20 Lightroom presets.

The City Nights Lightroom packs features some beautiful tones and effects to help you capture the night time. Whether it is capturing cityscapes or presenting the lights of city nights, this pack is ideal for making everything look perfect.

101 Landscape Lightroom Presets

The 83 Best Lightroom Presets (Free & Paid) 1

This pack of 101 presets is a super easy to use stock that does not need any professional knowledge for you to start with.

Photographers can use them to instantly change their appearance into something more stunning and magnificent.

Vintage Film Lightroom Presets

vintage film presets

Give your pictures a creative vintage look with the Vintage film Preset pack. Experiment with the 21 different presets available with this pack and find the perfect look for your photo editing.

Food Lightroom Presets

food presets

With the growing food and beverage business, food photography has also gained prominence. If you are a food photographer, this unique preset pack is something that will do wonders for your work.

You get to use 25 different presets all in a single collection and make any image stand out instantly without much editing skills.

Matte Presets for Lightroom

matte presets

Check out those fantastic presets for your photographs. if you are looking for a quick matte look for your pictures without using much editing knowledge, those presets are perfect.

Wedding Photography Lightroom Presets

wedding photography

Boost your post-shoot production process by using the Wedding Photography preset pack.

These presets will help photographers do perfect justice to their wedding shoots by adding all the needed touch of glam and instantly transforming them into something more striking and more elegant.

Cinematic Lightroom Presets

cinematic presets

These are yet another fantastic bunch of collection that will quickly give an intense dramatic look to your photographs.

This creative pack features a total of 20 beautiful presets that has been uniquely designed to meet your requirements. Try them out and see how you like them.

Duotone Lightroom Presets

duotoneDuotone is one of the most fascinating aspects of post-processing work. With this collection of Lightroom presets, this time-consuming yet exciting photo editing task becomes feasible with just a single click.

The preset pack comes with 20 of the best professional presets and a lot of color choices to choose from.

Pastel Presets for Lightroom

pastel 2

If soft and beautiful pastel effect in your photographs is your taste, then do not miss out on this brilliant pack of the best presets.

You can use these presets with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC. These presets comes bundled with an instruction file in PDF format that will guide you through the installation steps.

Ultimate Lightroom Presets Bundle Set

ultimate bundle set

This bundle is an amazing preset pack that comes at a very cheap rate. You will get to use more than 60 of the best presets at a very low range which would cost you much higher if purchased separately.

Free Lightroom Presets

All the above presets are the premium collection. But Photonify also gives away free goodies every week. You can use these presets for enhancing the quality of your pics or use it on your websites for your readers to download.

In return, you just need to link back to the website. Isn’t that so much simpler. Here are some of the best free Lightroom Presets that you would love using.

Cinematic Presets

free cinematic

These presets suit every kind of photos and give an extra tinge of an authentic feel to your pictures. Offering various combinations of color tones and lighting, the cinematic collection is a great choice for providing your pics a cinematic appeal.

Orange & Teal Lightroom Presets

orange and teal

This is one of the best lightroom presets! Perfect for landscape photos of beaches, sea, mountains, rivers and so on. With this preset you can instantly change the look of your photographs and make them visually appealing in no time.

Dreamy Lightroom Presets

dreamy free

Another set of free presets. This is a great one to enhance your photos by adding a soft and dreamy touch. Easy and simple to use in Lightroom and editable to match your pics perfectly, try lowering the clarity slider to soften the image further.

Analog Lightroom Presets


Here is another amazing free preset that is fully adjustable and is compatible with versions 4, 5, 6 and CC. This preset will help you get the most visually striking photographs by adding the perfect touch to every bit of it.

Modelling Lightroom Presets


If you are into the field of glamour you must be under a constant pressure of creating beautiful pictures that make your models appear elegant, stylish and confident. You can use this free preset to edit your model images or wedding photos and make them look classy and elegant.

Cool Blue Lightroom Presets

cool blue free

This free preset is brilliant at adding a cool effect to your temperature by adding a calming blue tone, It works on all raw and JPEG format and is compatible with versions 4, 5, 6 and CC.

Owing to its fully editable property, you can work on every bit of your picture unless you attain the perfect results.

Skin Tone Presets

skin tone free

If you are looking for a preset that will pay attention to the slightest detail on your photographs, Skin Tone is the one you should opt for. It will bring out your work by working on the photographs and adding a nice effect your portraits.

Sports Lightroom Presets

free sports presets

Give a sharp look to your sports photographs by using this amazing preset. It was created as a perfect solution for capturing sport and action moments.

Even if you do not have time for your post-photography editing, with this preset you can get the perfect look that your image deserves.

Animal Presets


This fantastic preset is specifically designed to style your wildlife, nature and animal photographs.

With this preset you can instantly enhance the picture quality of your snaps by increasing its vibrancy and sharpening your photos altogether. You can also focus on finer details of your subjects like fur, eyes and other characteristics.

Sunlight Lightroom Presets


This preset will instantly give your photographs a warm and appealing look as it was designed specifically for the photographs that feature natural sunlight. The preset is fully editable so you can work accordingly until your land on to your preferred shot.

Moody Presets

moody free

This preset is perfect in adding a nice sassy effect to your pictures by altering the grains, adjusting the color combination and working on little things that can enhance the mood. Works perfectly with both color and black/white photos.

Pretty Presets


A lovely soft pastel touch to your photographs can alter the way it looks making the visually striking and adding an instant appeal. Pretty Presets can do exactly that to make your photographs look gorgeous.

This preset is ideal for photos with colors and for portraits shot in natural light such as of children, weddings, newborns, flowers etc.



Your night time photographs may not always be clear and distinct. Make your work faster by using the Firework preset that will instantly brighten your photographs and make them vibrant.

Christmas Tree

christmas tree

Ever tried creating Christmas cards with your own photos? Well, if you haven’t still tried that out, you should. If you are not sure about using your pictures because of their quality, you can stop worrying anymore.

The Christmas Tree preset will help you bring out the best of your photographs and make your photos pop with its amazing effects.



Make your photographs appear more vivid and vibrant with Vivid. This preset is a great solution to make your landscapes or wedding photos appear bright and clear without having to invest much of your time and skills.

Winter Snow

winter snow

Not every season in the year has snowfall. But when this preset is with you, it’s easier to instantly create a snowfall feel in your pictures with a single click.

This preset will slightly alter the tone of your photos and make them look colder just like the photographs clicked during the winter season.

Interior Design

interior design free

This preset is a great one for anyone dealing in real estate, interior decoration and other similar kinds of business. People who wish to list their homes for guest in sites like AirBnB can also take advantage of this preset to make their homes look cozier and warmer for your guests.

Travel Photography Preset

travel photography

The travel photography preset is designed specifically for travel, holidays, landscape and vacation photos. Using this preset you can make your pictures appear more gritty and dramatic by adding a unique effect.

Street Photography

street photography

Take your everyday street photography skills to a different level by using the Street Photography Preset. Its a fantastic tool to enhance your urban street pictures but you can also use it on black/white or cityscape scenes.


autumn free

This preset will help you achieve a lovely autumn feel in your pictures by giving them a fresh warm tone with a tinge of golden reds and brown. Use this preset on your pictures on raw and JPEG format and see how the look changes.


fashion shots

If fashion photography is something that you do everyday, then this beautiful free lightroom preset is something that you will surely like.

Designed to enhance the pictures whether shoot indoors or outdoors, this preset has the capacity to provide an extra touch of glamour and style to your pictures.

Classic Car

classic car

The love for vintage cars can never die. If you want to make your car look like an old classic car, then try using this beautiful preset. It will add a slight vintage touch to your pictures by altering its tones to make it appear warmer. Although this preset is called the Classic Car, you can surely use it to style your other photographs too.



DSLRs and Digital Cameras have brought about a huge change in the photography business. The pictures are now more crispier, clearer, sharper and brighter.

But no matter how good they are, there are days when we want to go back to our old analog camera days to get the old days feel. You can now get the exact same feeling by using the VSCO preset on your pictures.

Portrait Pro

portrait pro

Make your photographs (either in jpg or raw format) stand out by muting the colors, adding some grain and other effects to give your photos a professional look. It is a great option for anyone who wants to enhance their photographs quickly with a click of the mouse.

Summer Lightroom

summer lightroom

Get the radiant summer glow and warmth of the beautiful summer season with summer preset. It is a great way to make your pictures look warm and make it feel like a nice summer click.

Vintage Film Preset

vintage film

This preset will make your photographs appear like they have aged authentically by washing out the color of the photographs and adding some grain to them. This preset can be used on pictures taken by any kind of camera and is compatible with versions 4, 5, 6 and CC.



This preset is amazing at making your photographs pop by deepening its color and focusing on the finer details of your photos. The Landscaper preset looks striking on all kinds of photographs, clicked by any camera brand. So try out this beautiful preset and see the change in your pictures.



If you are not sure how the Pastel set from Photonify would look like, here’s a sample preset that you can try out. It will instantly work on your pictures and make them look stunning in no time.



If you are a food blogger, or someone who loves clicking pictures of the mouthwatering delicacies, then this preset is definitely the one you should be trying. It is a fully adjustable preset that works brilliantly on all kind of pictures taken by any kind of cameras.



This preset will oversaturate your photos so it gets the perfect Lomo style. By using this preset your photos become sharper, crisper and vividly distinct.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Presets For Lightroom?

Presets are files containing a configuration of settings designed to apply a certain look or style on your photo. Presets are extremely easy to use and allow you to drastically alter an image look with a simple click.

How Do I Select A Preset In Lightroom?

Applying a preset to a photo is very easy:
  1. Download the preset file and unzip it.
  2. Drag and drop the file into Lightroom’s Presets folder.
  3. Open Lightroom or restart it if the program was running.
  4. In Lightroom, make sure you are in the “Develop” tab. Presets will be available on the left side of the screen.
  5. Navigate to the folder where you put your preset file. The preset is ready to use.

Are There Free Lightroom Presets?

While the majority of Lightroom Presets are available commercially, there are many free presets that you can use on your photos. Check out our article for many free presets.

Can You Make Presets On Lightroom Mobile?

LR Mobile ships with a selection of the desktop app’s presets but you can’t save your own settings as a preset. But because Lightroom Mobile uses the same RAW rendering engine as the desktop version of the software, there is a trick. Please refer to this page for details.