Top coding bloggers to follow in 2018

1. David Walsh

This popular coding blog focuses on modern libraries and shortcuts for programming in JavaScript. David Walsh and his guest bloggers provide daily posts and commentary to help you learn how to code quicker and more efficiently. You can learn everything from how to build a video player using React to using Node.js by subscribing to this leading programming blog.

2. A List Apart

Several bloggers contribute to this code-based blog to create a highly informative and entertaining stream of posts. Follow this blog to learn about issues affecting web accessibility, user interfaces, front-end development and CSS.

3. Ray Wenderlich

Ray Wenderlich’s coding blog is among the most trusted and highest quality on the market. It contains posts and videos for programming applications for Android and other environments. The blog also contains a podcast for those who wish to learn by listening while on the go or taking a break. This blog contains thousands of posts and over 1900 step-by-step tutorials.

4. Erik Bernhardsson

Erik Bernhardsson is an excellent blogger and coder with a blog that examines issues affecting all coders like Git repos, IDEs, naming conventions, and Windows support issues for various coding software. If you’re interested in coding from a corporate perspective, or want to pick up some quick tips for your next project then you should check out this minimalist, well-written coding blog. Bernhardsson also covers issues affecting programmers in the broader sense like conversion rates and SaaS (Software as a Service.)

5. Peteris Krumins

This unique coding blog is dedicated to covering topics JavaScript libraries, tools, XML, JSON, and even binary. The CatonMat blog is written by well-known programmer Peteris Krumins and is regularly updated. This blog has been up and running since July of 2007 and has gained many followers over the years. You can also read about Perl on this blog, as the author has published a book on the language.

6. Web Designer Depot

If you write code for web use then you should consider this blog a must-read. The Web Design Blog covers topics ranging from backend server-side coding to frontend functionality and design. There’s a lot of development articles and tutorials posted to this website to help developers and designers better understand the code that makes the web work. This blog covers topics like web hosting standards and element design and construction.

7. NSHipster

The NSHipster blog is written for those who code in Objective-C and want to find rare and useful facts and tips about the language. It covers Swift and Cocoa for a comprehensive study of all things Mac-related. If you program for Mac products or iOS then you should definitely add this blog to your RSS feed.

8. CodePen Blog

Many programmers are familiar with CodePen and its popular projects library where coders can share and download libraries and other code but some may not be aware of the brilliant blog section of this website. CodePen offers blog posts several times per week on subjects like how to design assets.

9. Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman runs a fascinating blog that covers issues like .NET programming and web applications. You can learn how to setup an IIS web hosting server and create .NET applications by following some of the tutorial posts on this coding blog. Scott Hanselman posts a few times a week on this venue and keeps readers informed about new trends in programming, conventions, and protocols.

10. David Ford

David Ford is a programmer and blogger with an excellent coding blog at Medium. He covers topics like UX, templates, JavaScript web apps, and mobile applications. This blog will help you make the best of your web hosting and design environment with its useful tips on efficiency. This blog also contains opinions on the future of certain languages and how search engines are beginning to rank development features. Keep an eye on this blog if you write code for the web or need to stay informed about trending languages and libraries.

Each of these bloggers has made a name for themselves in the programming community by sharing relevant, high-quality information and tips for coders. They maintain their respective blogs well and keep current information posted on a regular basis. By following this blogs you’ll learn tips and programming shortcuts you may never have otherwise thought to try. Consider using an RSS feed reader through your phone or desktop browser to automatically download each new post from these top coding bloggers.

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