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PHP Regex for Developers
Jean-Baptiste Jung
PHP Regex for Web Developers

Regular expressions are a very useful tool for developers. They allow to find, identify or replace a word, character or any kind of string. This tutorial will teach you how

HTML/CSS Progress Bar
Jean-Baptiste Jung
How to Create a CSS Progress Bar

The newest additions to both the HTML and CSS specifications allow web developers to craft beautiful and user-friendly components. Amongst those components, progress/loading bars can contribute to making your website

Best Adobe Lightroom Presets
Jean-Baptiste Jung
Best Adobe Lightroom Presets – Free & Paid

If you are a professional photographer, you must constantly be looking for ways to make your photographs appear trendy and polished. Using lightroom presets is one of the easiest ways to enhance the quality of your photographs and make them look professional instantly.

Jean-Baptiste Jung
PHP: How to Add Expire Headers for External Scripts

Every website is using external JavaScript files. They are required for example when using Google Analytics, or an ad provider like BuySellAds. In order to leverage browser caching and optimize

Jean-Baptiste Jung
How to Manage a Successful Web Design Business

Owning a web design business gives you the freedom to create your schedule and work with clients who spark your creativity. However, there is also a lot of competition out there, and making a web design biz successful takes a lot of effort and knowledge.