How to: Design a nice ebook cover with Photoshop

Disclaimer for Windows users: The cmd key on the Mac is the same than the Ctrl key on a PC keyboard.

Getting the template

While I was looking for some info about designing an ebook cover, I stumbled upon a very nice blank ebook cover template, that you can use to create your very own ebook cover. Download it here.

Design an ebook cover

Cover design

Now open Photoshop, and create your cover image. You can use the cover01_blank.psd template to make it fit our final work size.

Design an ebook cover

Assembling the template

Once you have your cover ready, merge all layers (LayerFlatten image) and open the cover01.psd template, which already contain the shape of our ebook cover.

Drag and drop your cover to the template. To modify the cover size, adjust its opacity to 60% (So you can see throught) and press Cmd+T to resize it while holding the shift key down:

Design an ebook cover

In order to finish our ebook cover, we need to distort the cover to make it fit the template shape. To do so, select EditTransformDistort.

Design an ebook cover

Don’t forget to set the opacity to 100% when you finished resizing, and now let’s have a look at the awesome ebook cover we have:

Design an ebook cover
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