Web development trends you should apply to your future project

Web development trends you should apply to your future project

In the creative field, the trends are supposed to change. They have a dynamic nature and so you will notice a trend that is popular one-day will not even notice the next day. In web design and development there have been many trends that come and go, however, only a few grab the attention of the developers for a long time.
The Web is a unique platform that has been evolving and changing since the very beginning. So today we have for you the web development trends that you must consider.

1. Attention Demanding Web design

One of the biggest design trends is turning simple again and so we can say that the website design is going back to its basics. In the present age, developers have to consider many factors when they are designing a website like it should be interactive, easy to understand and use. It is important to enhance the flow of the customers. A few things to consider are:

Hamburger menus

The experts have said that the navigation layout must be avoided from the desktop because of the following reasons:

  • Only 27% of the customers use the menus that are hidden. The reason is that rest of them consider it a waste of their time
  • 21% of the task difficulty will be increased because of the hidden menu and so customer will ignore such kinds of sites
  • The average time required to accomplish the task will be lowered in mobiles by 15% and in desktops by 39%

Parallax scrolling

As the online competition is increasing so it is very important for the website owners to make sure that, their website is quick to access and easy to utilize by the customers. So the expert developers have said that parallax scrolling should be removed from the website. It will increase the loading time of the sites and cause a reduction in the ranking of the peak organic search engines.

Reduction in navigation links

Since the past few years, most of the web pages had at least 7 navigation options. Recently, the number has reduced to 3 or 4 and the reason is that it attracts the customers because of the increased functionality. It has been noticed that customer avoid the sites that have several ads and product suggestions. So the developers are focusing on reducing the navigation options and the links that they provided at the end of the web page to ensure that their customer will not go away.

Online testing

Now the place of guesswork has been taken over by testing. It has been proved by several studies that the idea of the most experienced person is not always the best. So the website developers should test the sites before that can be uploaded for the customers.

This is the reason that now you will come across many testing software, tools, and techniques that are accessible online. Some of the largest developers and even Google is now testing the sites before loading them.


In the past developers used to upload and website and then they never touched it again for ages. However, now as the trends, rules, and regulations of the websites changes from minute to minute, it is very important to upgrade the web site on regular basis.

Keep in mind that it a website is not up to date it might attract hackers and it will be vulnerable to viral attacks. So to ensure that your customers will access a secure site it is important that you keep the codes and the security tight.


While developing a website the top priorities of the developers should be:

  1. Conversion
  2. Optimization
  3. Usability
  4. Visibility

Recently, it has been noticed that the mobile application will not be the big thing anymore. As most of the people have several apps on their phone but they will only utilize the few that they require the most. So it is better options that the developers do not waste their time and money on developing applications that the customers will not even consider using.

2. Increase ROI with E-commerce

Recently, the demands of the customers are increasing especially from the e-commerce sites. Everyone wants to have the site that will allow him or her to order to product from any location at any time. As well as they want the order to be delivered at their doorstep in limited time. it is almost impossible to accomplish.

Big Data

Most of the business owners are obsessed with using the data of their customers to increase their revenue. As the social media marketing, emails and online rating provide them a chance to attract more customers.

Consistency in brand experience

It is important that the customers have the best experience from the brand. In order to make it possible the developers must be able to provide the accessibility of the site to several platforms, channels, and devices. It might seem like a difficult task but if the developers are able to make it possible, they will notice their site reaching new heights of success.

Personalized experience

Personalization in the website and the menu is very important to increase the experience of the customers. The reason is that it will allow you to track the activity of your target customers and so they will get the opportunity to add new features and specification to the site that will attract customers repeatedly. Personalization gives clients the idea that site has been specially developed for them and they will find it hard to ignore.

The future in mobile eCommerce

Most of the chatting applications are taking the place of the social media platforms. The reason is that they are easy to control and get engaged with the people that we require. Apart from that, it also depends on the type of company that we have.

It has been proved by several studies that soon conversations commerce will have a better place in the industry and it will be the best source to enhance the online ranking. Most of the e-commerce platforms are focusing on developing the messaging strategy to engage their customers.

One of the funniest concepts that might be introduced soon is that our devices will take the decision. We all know that with the passage of time our devices are getting smart so there is no doubt that they will do the job with little information.

3. CSS: the next wave

In order to enhance the e-commerce conversions and productivity of the site, it is important for the developers to pay attention towards the mobile-first technology. The major trends for CCS in 2017 are:

CSS Flexbox

It is one of the most reliable layout modes that were first developed as the part of CSS3. It will allow the designers to manipulate the component of the web according to their requirements. It will allow the website to perfectly fit the web page. Some of the amazing features about the Flexbox are:

  • In order to pervert the overflow, it will make the items to automatically adjust on the screen. there would be no free space
  • CSS Flexbox can be optimized for the layout that on one-dimensional
  • It is perfect for the components of the websites that are small

CSS variables

In the beginning, when the CSS variables were introduced they were not very important. Recently, they have been able to grab the attention of the developers because of the following amazing features

  • There are numerous customization options that will allow the developers to add colors and change the size of the site according to their requirements
  • It would be easier to maintain the larger projects because the CSS coding is very small and minimized
  • In order to create a better mobile responsive interface for the users, it will allow the developers to change the variables by loading them in the JavaScript

CSS Grid

The CSS grid is the latest layout that has removed all the limitations that we once had to face regarding the size and structure of the site. It will allow the developers to design a dynamic layout and add as many altering options on the site as they like. Recently, it is has been supported by only a few browsers but it has been expected that soon the technology will show amazing results like:

  • The overlapping of the elements on the site will be reduced
  • It is perfect for the optimization of the layouts that are two-dimensional
  • CSS grid is perfect for the websites that have large layouts

Bottom line

Not every trend might be according to the genre of your website so you have to make sure that you select the one that will compliment your site in the best possible way. It is important that you hire the top developer and designer that can work in collaboration to provide you the services that you require. It is the time that you provide your customers with the best online experience.

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