Top 10 WordPress resources that you must use in 2017

Top 10 WordPress resources that you must use in 2017

Being the robust CMS that WordPress is, alike is its popularity among beginners and experts. Following the recent survey result by W3Tech, WordPress has been ranked as the ‘Fastest Growing CMS of 2016’. With all the money involved, the greatness that this awesome community carries and its generous attitude, WordPress is a must try for all educated people who like technology like we do.

It hardly matters if you are a novice, an expert or somebody who just wants to learn about WordPress for good; this CMS is ever-welcoming for all. People can have their own reasons – some might want to design their own websites, some might be wanting to take it up as a profession and others might be just curious. The fix here is the available resources for learning more and more about WordPress.

If you are looking to explore skills, learn to code, looking for a testing platform, create a blog website – WordPress is your answer. Since the CMS rocked its way through the past year, let’s learn about the 10 resources that one can utilize in the new year; so, that 2017 starts and ends on a good note for all WordPress users.

The Rulebook: WordPress Codex

If you are looking for some reliable documentation and information regarding WordPress sites, WordPress codex is the place for you. This free online manual is hosted by and is useful for beginners as well as experienced users.

The technical nature of this rulebook will help you get started with WordPress download and installation. With optimum access to support forums, the WordPress codex provides help with troubleshooting issues related to themes, plugins, design, site development etc.

WordPress Reddit

The Reddit thread for the WordPress community is everything WordPress. This holistic online forum is a blessing for all sort of WordPress users. This is a place where WordPress redditors come together to discuss tags like ‘How to Tutorials’, ‘Plugin and Theme Development’, ‘WordPress Core Plugin Requests’, ‘Help Requests’, Job Offers etc.

WordPress TV

WordPress TV has an edge over all other WordPress resources because of the visual element it offers. It features video lessons from experienced WordPressers. The comprehensive nature of these videos makes learning fun because they are short and meaningful, in a true sense.  You could knock yourself out with these videos if you are looking for questions regarding WordPress site building. This asset is an open forum and people can submit meaningful videos to this platform and have them featured once they are approved.


This resource is the hub of many informative WordPress blog posts. Here, you can find information right from beginner guides to advanced issue fixes.

They feature amazing WordPress tutorials along with free and premium WordPress themes download. They have a ton of beginner guides and reviews such as How to Setup WordPress Multisite, vs, and more.

They also have a great collection of exclusive deals and coupons to help you save money on WordPress, such as SiteGround, MaxCDN, etc.


WPRecipes is that free piece of a pie that makes the life of new WordPress developers, easy. This web-based WordPress resource features a collection of useful snippets, that can help you add new functionality to your WordPress website.


The largest WordPress Theme marketplace in the world, ThemeForest is a Powered by Envato. This marketplace features a huge number of quality WordPress themes with detailed documentation and reviews so that users choose the best from the lot. If you are new to the WordPress realm, Themeforest can help you with the type of theme you are looking for. And if you are an experienced professional theme developer, you can submit your own theme.

This is the authoritative section from the official domain. It features verified WordPress related jobs from all around the world. If you are looking to take up a job related to these areas, you might consider delving into this resource:  WordPress Jobs in Designing, Development, Migration, Performance, Plugin Development, Theme Customization, and Writing.


If you wish to master new WordPress skills, the educational platform of Tuts+ will help you. The platform currently features over 960 Video Courses, where new videos are added every week. The resource makes available expert instructors to visitors so that can learn the right thing. Powered by the Envato community, Tuts+ offers membership with a free 10-day trial, to begin with. Once you are into it, it’s only $15 per month.


If you are a new web designer / developer or you are simply want to build your new website on your own, DesignBombs will be an easy, step-by-step guide for you. This WordPress resource offers help guide you to start a blog, and go through other helpful articles. Best suited for beginners, this free platform also offers exclusive deals for designs.

What’s more, they also have several plugin comparison guides such as Membership plugins, landing page plugins, and more.

Manage WP

This quite a popular and non-profit WordPress resource brings on the latest WordPress news for its members and readers. They aspire to help the WordPress community discover best new WordPress stories every day. With the constant introduction of new content, Manage WP is quite an awesome community in itself. The site offers free membership and in order to be able to submit blog posts, users are required to earn points by community interaction.

Other 10 Noteworthy mentions

Apart from the resources that we have mentioned above, the WordPress world has yet many resources that are awesome in the content they offer. Here are some worth-mentioning ones.

If you are familiar with WordPress, there is no denying that learning WordPress is a fruitful investment; both in terms of money and expertise. With so many great resources out there, the sky is not the limit. You can take your career to greater heights if you know where and how to start well.

A WordPress blog or a business brand’s website, WordPress is for all. To begin with your e-commerce stores, online shops, and blogs; you need to take the right plunge. We have managed to list the 10 + 10 best WordPress resources and there are yet many equally awesome resources available for you to exploit. If you are aware of other great WordPress resources, please share the love with us so that we can get them featured and further share them with other WordPress enthusiasts, too. Have a great time, WordPressing!