Top 10 CSS 3 forms tutorials

CSS3 brings to life countless new possibilities to make better web forms. In this article, I have compiled a list of the best 10 tutorials to make great forms using this new and amazing technology.

HTML5 & CSS3 form

HTML5 introduced useful new form elements as such as sliders, numeric spinners and date pickers. This tutorial will show you how to create a form with HTML5, and make it look really cool with CSS3. A great way to get started in both CSS3 and HTML5.
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CSS3 form without images and JavaScript

This tutorial is in French, but the result looks so good that I simply shouldn’t include it on that list. For those who can’t understand French, just get the source code and have fun with it.
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Stylish Contact Form with HTML5 & CSS3

I really love what British web developer Chris Spooner creates. This time, he’s back with a quality tutorial about creating a form and using CSS3 to style it. The result is, as you can see above, really cool.
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Beautiful CSS3 Search Form

Most search forms (Including the one I use on this site!) looks boring. Using a little CSS3, you can turn the old and boring form into something definitely modern and cool. A must read tutorial.
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Prettier Web Form with CSS 3

This pretty simple tutorial will show you how you can create a form using some basic CSS3 properties, such as box-shadow.
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Slick CSS3 Login Form

Once again, a simple tutorial to create a simple form using CSS3 but absolutely no images.
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Glowform: Amazing CSS3 form

Wow! This form looks really great, isn’t it? This form do not use any images, only CSS3. I urge you to read this tutorial and the form source code, because you’ll learn lots of great techniques about creating killer forms without using images.
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Clean and Stylish CSS3 Form

This form is simple, clean and stylish. Nothing fancy but techniques you’ll may use on most websites you’ll make.
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Signup form with CSS3 and jQuery

jQuery is definitely a great tool to make forms more usable. This tutorial will show you how to create a good looking form using CSS3, and how to make it more user-friendly with some jQuery.
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jQuery & CSS3 Drop-down menu with integrated forms

At last but not least, here is a tutorial about how to create a CSS3/jQuery dropdown menu with integrated forms. No doubt, your clients will love it!