Best Adobe Lightroom presets for 2017

Best Adobe Lightroom presets for 2017

If you are a Photographer who is familiar with Lightroom for developing your photos, then you will no doubt be aware of the power of presets. Presets are settings that when applied to your photos can give a whole range of different effects and styles and they can also speed up your post production schedule allowing you to process entire photoshoots quickly. Lightroom presets can be used for many different styles of photography, some popular sets include landscapes, newborns, portraits and weddings.

Photonify is a new marketplace for Photographers that sells a whole range of different Lightroom Presets and Photoshop actions all designed specifically for professional and amateur photographers. In this post we have gathered together all their top Preset collections, take a look below.

Ultimate Lightroom Preset Bundle

This is our most premium bundle available, It includes all of our Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions and is the cheapest way to get access to all our products for photographers – take your photography to the next level with the Photonify Ultimate Bundle.
More info: Ultimate Lightroom Bundle

Food Photography Lightroom Presets

If you need to create some tasty food photography, then this is the collection for you. Whether you are a food blogger or a photographer shooting food for a client to be used in print advertising, commercials or billboards these presets will allow you to enhance the end photo and also greatly speed up the post production process.
More info: Food Photography Presets

Portrait Collection Vol 1

This is Volume 1 of our Portrait Photography Lightroom Presets:A Collection of amazing presets to give your fashion, portrait and street photography different styles, tones and contrasts. Speed up the post processing process using our presets and offer your clients different options for their photos.
More info: Portrait Presets Vol 1

Portrait Collection Vol 2

This is Volume 2 of our Portrait Photography Lightroom Presets collection, an absolute must for portrait and fashion photographers who wish to adjust tones, improve colors and contrasts of their shots. You can use this collection to speed up the post processing process and give your shots some interesting styles.
More info: Portrait Presets Vol 2

Vintage Film Collection

Do you pine for the age of analog film photography? Rolls of Kodak, Fujicolor and Ilford? If so, this is the collection for you – we have put together a collection of presets for Lightroom which allow you to give your photos an aged look in one click – choose from many different vintage, aged and retro looks with a click of your mouse.
More info: Vintage Film Presets

Landscapes Collection

If you would like to make your landscape photography come alive, this is the collection for you. We have crafted a set of Lightroom presets which will improve your landscape photos with a fine blend of enhancements which will create the sharpest and most beautiful landscape imagery. Bring dull photos to life with one click of your mouse.
More info: Landscape Presets

Wedding Collection

If you are a wedding photographer then you know how much time post production on a typical shoot can take, you can greatly speed up this process by using Lightroom Presets. We have put together this collection of presets for wedding photographers to help bring consistency and greater efficiency to your workflow – use it to quickly put together some sample styles for your clients to choose from or use it to batch process the entire shoot.
More info: Wedding Presets

Matte Collection

The “Matte” look is a very popular look with photography at the moment, achieved by using the tone curve in Lightroom. If you would like to utilize this style in your photography then this collection is for you – we have hand-crafted a number of lightroom presets so you can apply this to your images with a click of your mouse. We have included different types which will suit different photos.
More info: Matte Presets

Cinematic Collection

Add intensity and a dramatic look to your photos with our Cinematic Lightroom Presets collection. We have designed this set to make your photos more cinematic and emulate the look of cinematic effects used in movies and cinema. Add a dramatic, artist and stylized feel to your photos with one click – each preset will give you a different look.
More info: Cinematic Presets

Pastel Collection

If you would like to give your photos a beautiful soft pastel effect then this is the collection for you. Designed to add soft pastel tones and light glow to images, this set is perfect for weddings, newborns, portraits and stylized stock photography. Speed up your work flow and post processing with this set of presets – one click enhancements for perfect pastel toned imagery.
More info: Pastel Presets

HDR Collection

High Dynamic Range or HDR is a popular style of photography which is achieved by taking a number of photos of the same scene at different exposures and then combining them to create a striking image which shows off more information than a regular photo. We have created the HDR lightroom presets collection to help you recreate that look from just one photo in JPG or RAW format in Adobe Lightroom. These presets will create images with high contrasts bringing out hidden details in your photos.
More info: HDR Presets

Lomo Collection

The Lomography or “Lomo” style of photography is a photographic style which is characterized by oversaturated colors, distortions, unexpected prismatic effects shot by Lomography cameras. The style is unmistakable when you see it and you can now recreate the look using Lightroom and our Lomo Presets collection. We have crafted this collection with all different effects you can apply to your photos with vignetting, light leaks and other effects to accurately represent the Lomographic style.
More info: Lomo Presets

Newborn Collection

The Newborn Lightroom Presets collection has been designed to aid you in the post production of a photoshoot for babies, toddlers and children. We have included a number of different styles which are perfectly suited for newborn portraits by improving skin tones, softening the image and adding a dreamy quality with color or black and white.
More info: Newborn Presets

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